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What is "Food Prepping"  and why you should be doing it now!

Nov 4,  2016

Save time, money and your health with these simple meal prep tips.

What is food prepping? 

Food Prepping is an essential part of staying on track when you live a busy life! Simply - food prepping is taking a block of time each week to plan out and make the healthy foods that you will enjoy all week long.

Meal prepping will help you save money,  save time, eat healthier, lose weight and stay on track. 

What do I need to do?

1. Choose meals and snacks

2. Make a grocery list

3. Prepare and cook larger quantities of food at one time.

4. If you are following an eating plan, pre-portion for grab and go ease.

Why should I meal prep?

 When you meal prep you can be more certain that the meals you are eating are healthier for you, because you know what is in them versus pre-packaged or take-out.  You can portion control for help with weight loss and maintenance. You save money by not purchasing take-out, pre-packaged food and you can plan your purchases around sale items.

How  does it works?

The above picture is what I "prepped" for a week of meals and snacks to help me stay on track. I follow the 21 day fix plan for eating healthy in the right proportions, so this is why you see the numerous jars. It makes it simple for me to grab and go. For more information on the 21 Day Fix plan CLICK HERE

Please note this is not all the food I eat, just what I prepped.


Salads, Shrimp and Quinoa, boiled eggs, taco meat, raw snacking veggies and Farro breakfast bowl.

Jar salad:

I washed, chopped, measured and placed salad fixings in a mason jar. Just screw the top off, dump it out and add a little dressing.  It takes me about 20 minutes to  prepare 5 salads for my week.

Shrimp & Quinoa:

Cooked quinoa and shrimp and added spices. I then measured out my shrimp (protein) and my quinoa (carb) and place those amounts in a jar. Simply remove the top and warm on stove or in the microwave. I used this for 2 lunches and one dinner.

Boiled eggs and pre-cut raw veggies:

Great grab and go snacks! once they are cooked and cut, I chose 2 eggs (protein) and some veggies and placed into jars - again for easy grab and go.

Taco meat:

I added my own spices together to make the taco seasoning.  It's cheaper and you control the salt, spice and no preservatives. I cooked up the ground turkey, added the spices and portioned into my jars. I could take this and add to a wrap, on top of my salad or add to plain pre-cooked quinoa.

Farro breakfast bowl:

A protein and energy packed, warm breakfast made fast and simple. I cooked the Farro, added 1 TSP natural peanut butter, 1/2 TSP raw honey and topped with some cinnamon. Pop in the microwave or on the stove, mix and enjoy.

Happy Prepping!!