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Referral Program

Refer a friend.......Earn up to a one month FREE membership

For every referral that you bring to us, AND who signs up for the six month contract,* YOU will receive $10 off your membership.** Potential to have ONE MONTH FREE!

This means:

Refer 1 NEW six month member = $10

Refer 2 NEW six month members = $20.......

*Refer 6 NEW six month members = FREE ONE MONTH MEMBERSHIP FOR YOU!

PLUS, the member with the most "new six month member" referrals will receive a special gift!

*Referrals must be new clients who have not had a previous membership contract with us. They must sign up for our "six month" contract and maintain it for at least 2 months for you to receive credit. The monies will be deducted from your membership when they have completed 2 months of their 6 month payments.